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Dimmers - fixed installation

Dimmers in a fixed installation come in various appearances: for example, for wall mounting, on a DIN rail and in a 19-inch rack. If rack mounting also uses sleds, service and maintenance are greatly facilitated.

The big advantage of 19-inch skids is that the dimmers are equipped with multi-connectors that automatically connect to the rest of the infrastructure (DMX, Artnet, power, etc.), so they do not have to be connected separately. This saves a tedious and often time-consuming job.

Terminals and connectors

For interior lighting, there are LED dimmers equipped with WAGO clamp terminals. These can also be controlled via DMX and thus enable tasteful, flexible lighting plans. For theatre lighting, you can choose from all common formats when it comes to inputs and outputs: CEE, (French) schuko, cable glands, Harting and Socapex.