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Prolyte-compatible truss material

Truss parts compatible with Prolyte material

Truss, corner pieces, groundplates and connectors/accessories of the HOFPRO series can be used in combination with standard Prolyte material. Although the specs in terms of load capacity are not identical to those of Prolyte, care has been taken to ensure that the margins in which they differ are so wide that HOFPRO and Prolyte are seamless and can be used interchangeably and for the same applications without restraint.

Bracing: 16 x 2mm

HOFPRO comes as triangle and square trusses with a wide variety of truss lengths and shapes, with the corresponding corner pieces in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-way versions with different corner configurations. HOFPRO uses a bracing of 16 x 2mm, the same as Prolyte's and thus differs from the bracing that HOF uses on their own series.

Heavy duty truss

At issue are the HOFPRO X300D and H30D (triangle truss), and X300V and H30V (square truss). The X300D and X300V represent the standard series, while the H30D and H30V are heavy duty versions. Respectively, these series use tube of 50 x 2mm (X series) and 48 x 3mm (H series), with obviously the H30 heavy duty truss being for the heavier work.

Truss alternative

HOFPRO truss is available in aluminium and black. With HOFPRO, HOF offers a welcome alternative for users who are already building with Prolyte or who want to join projects with Prolyte colleagues in a simple way.