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Customer Service

  1. Only our terms and conditions of sale apply, excluding any general or specific conditions unilaterally set by our customers.

  2. Our quotes are non-binding. Although our delivery times are indicated in good faith, they are only indicative. Therefore, we are not bound by them, and any delay in delivery can in no case lead to either the cancellation of the purchase or the claiming of damages.

  3. Since the rates and prices are not proportional to the related interests, our company cannot take any responsibility for the results and consequences of the works and deliveries entrusted to us. Our customers acknowledge that our company is exempt from any liability and commit to never suing or defaulting our company, specifically in case of defects in engine material or any damage, delay, fire, accident, or damage to material during the execution, performance, or transportation. However, our liability does not extend beyond the free replacement of our service, and this during a period equal to the period of the defect, the damage, or the delay. These clauses of non-liability are absolutely paramount and constitute the essence of the contract that, in case of non-compliance, our company would not have accepted. The clauses may not contain any exception, even if contradictory provisions are listed in some documents sent to us by some customers. The fact that these works or deliveries are entrusted to us entails an acceptance, without limitation, of the general conditions and, in particular, these clauses.

  4. Shipments always travel at the risk of the recipient. We can in no case be held responsible for delay, shortage, or damage, which the recipient must have noted by the carrier with notification of his reservation complaints. This remains valid even when we have designated the carrier and the means of transport ourselves.

  5. All complaints, both regarding the goods and the present invoice, must be submitted within eight days of receipt by registered letter. This term is stipulated on penalty of inadmissibility.

  6. Our representatives are not authorized to collect any amount in our name.

  7. The warranty conditions are limited to those stated on the warranty certificates included with the devices, as determined by the manufacturer, except in case of misuse or negligence on the part of the buyer.

  8. The acceptance of bills of exchange or other commercial papers does not lead to debt renewal.

  9. Our invoices are payable in Brussels, cash, and without discount unless expressly and in writing agreed otherwise.

  10. The delivered goods remain the property of the seller until the buyer has fully paid them.

  11. In the event of non-settlement of an invoice on the specified due date, in case of protest, we reserve the right to demand the full payment of our claims, including those not yet due, since the non-payment or protest nullifies the payment terms granted by us.

  12. By failing to pay an invoice on the due date, a default interest of 12% per annum is automatically applied, and the payable amount of the respective accounts is increased by a flat and non-reducible rate of 20%, with a minimum of 200 € - as compensation, without prior notice.

  13. Taxes: All taxes, including VAT, are for the account of the buyer. Our prices are always presented excluding VAT.

  14. For all disputes, only the courts of Brussels are competent, the Justice of the Peace of the canton where our registered office is located.

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